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Vaishali Restaurant  

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Pune is extremely famous all over the world for its old restaurants. And if ever a list was made to find out the most popular one in the city, Vaishali Restaurant would win hands down. It is not an overstatement when we say that a visit to the city of Pune is incomplete without stepping into this restaurant. We are also told that this opinion is voiced even by film stars like Amisha Patel, Riteish Deshmukh and Sushmita Sen to name a few.

Fergusson College rd. is well known for restaurants, here you will find lots of fast food restaurants like Manmeet, Pepinos,horn OK Please, the great indian dhaba, tava N tandoor,Cafe coffee day,Rupali and who can skip Vaishali.....

Fifty-three years is a long time. Vaishali Restaurant is a landmark in Pune. It has always been one of the city’s most respected and well-loved places. Established by Shri Jaggnath Shetty, it has become synonymous with quality.

Vaishali is situated amidst the old colleges of the city. However, its patrons are not restricted to college goers only. People from all walks of life including professionals, old timers and socialites come together here to catch up on good old days.

Vaishali is one of the most popular restaurant among the student community of Pune. Vaishali attracts all the college crowd. Especially during the evening time, it is very difficult to pass through the F.C Road because of the Vaishali’s crowd. The ambience's is youthful and price factor is also average and that is the main reason why Vaishali has become a hot hang out of Pune’s student community.

Here you will not only find young crowd but people of all age group....families who have been taking their Sunday breakfast here for a long time, morning walk groups who have been meeting here regularly for years, students who can't live without it, and people who have come back to Pune(for no matter how short a time span) making it a point to visit Vaishali before leaving again...

It is the chosen meeting place of the city…everybody right from the student to some of the best known professionals are here. Families, friends, even business meetings – this is the choice – the one place you would like to be seen in.

This is not just a restaurant.. Its an institution... Its in the very blood of many Puneites who swear by it..
When you come to Vaishali – you may just spot some of the most famous names in Pune or even India.

Every dish is a Vaishali special dish…There is a special taste to the cuisine at Vaishali
Their sambhar is to die for, and so is the SPDP.. great food you simply cannot resist, the aaroma of the sambar, it is simply out of the world. The taste of the sambar has not changed since years. The service and the management is simply unbeatable...

This is the adda of FC roadies and others...Vaishali has been a favourite meeting place for punekars for a long time now ...

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hope... at this place people (waiting for a seat) do not stand next to your table staring at your plate to see when you take the last bite and then they can jump on to grab the place :))

April 2, 2009 at 6:46 PM

BTW article truly describes the fame of the restaurant & punekar's craze for Vaishali

April 2, 2009 at 6:48 PM

haha.. thats true.. people will keep staring at you, your food and your girl friend if you came with one.

April 2, 2009 at 8:27 PM

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